I am a writer and game designer living in the Greater Seattle Area. I enjoy video games, tabletop rpgs, books, and long walks in dark forests.


My focus has always been on writing. I started to write as a child with my first book that i wrote with my best friend, titled something like “Getting down to Bees-ness”.

Since then I have loved stories I learned to read The Hobbit by the age of 8 and enjoyed creative writing classes in middle school, high school. I finished my Creative Writing Degree in 2014 at Washington State University.

That creative writing degree almost didn’t get finished, though. In 2011 on my way to college my car failed while driving down the freeway. I broke several bones in my neck but miraculously survived without any paralysis. At this point I was on bed rest for several weeks, and during that time I was able to blast through games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Fallout: New Vegas. This is what drove me to decide to write for video games.

So since my graduation I started on that path. First writing my own game called “FunPark 3000” then, when that failed, moving onto writing, and eventually level design, for Fallout: Lonestar. This kind of process has been going on for the last 4 years: Finding a project, having it go under, learning a lot, and then moving on. I have worked on several indie projects since then and I am working on mods again with Fallout: Cascadia.

The only way that Fallout: Cascadia could be better is if I was getting paid to do it! With a team of excellent, progressive, and dedicated writers, level designers, programmers and artists, we have managed to create an amazing world and excellent characters. I look forward to the future release of Fallout Cascadia and what becomes of it.

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