I am a writer and game designer living in the Greater Seattle Area. I enjoy reading science fiction, writing, photography, and all sorts of games.



I have been a world builder all my life. Through legos I have built scenes and worlds with my friends. In High School I was active in acting, improv, photography, film and writing. In college writing, directing, animating and acting were where I concentrated myself. Now, post college but not post learning, I am using a double major degree that I custom crafted to create stories, scenes, characters and worlds in video games. I can regularly be found attending Jet City Improv classes and hosting table top role playing games.

Fallout Lonestar

The mod project Fallout: Lonestar is one of the places I developed myself as a designer and writer. I came to this project specifically as a writer and ended up working in multiple parts of the game including level design, scripting, and even a small amount of coding.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

This was my starting place in games. I was hired as a Quality and Assurance Specialist to catch bugs for Guild Wars 2 and I excelled at it, logging over 200 bugs in 6 months.

Fallout Cascadia 

Continuing my mod work from Fallout Lonestar, I moved onto Fallout Cascadia as a level designer. After a while I transitioned to a writer for them writing various quests, backstory documents, and dialogue.

Microsoft Xbox One X

I once again started to work in Quality and Assurance as a Backwards Compatibility Tester. While working contract for Microsoft I tested over 300 games and assisted in the development of the Xbox One X. When proven an excellent tester and people person, I was given responsibilities to help with leading my team and preforming daily lead tasks.


As I work on various projects I will keep updating this website. I hope to show my growth and learning here as I journey through my career, so please check back every now and then.

I am always looking to improve myself and my craft of world building by writing, reading, building in new programs, creating worlds in tabletop RPGs and working in other mediums.

I am currently looking for work in Quest Design, Level Design, Narrative Design, or as a Test Engineer.

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