For the last two years I have worked on Fallout: Cascadia as a writer, narrative designer and level designer. This project is my biggest to date and I have put countless hours into it.

Like professional studios, Cascadia has teams working on all sorts of tasks in tandem. On the writing team we focus on the plot, dialogue, and narrative design of the game. We follow standards set down by our leads and iterate on our work constantly.

Our tasks are assigned via Quire, dialogue is written in Google Sheets, and we collaborated through Discord. We share lore, quest outlines, faction profiles and character profiles through an internal wiki which we are all maintain.

We also have the responsibility of editing each others’ writing. This exposes each of us to different writing styles and gives multiple perspectives on our work. This also helps us to practice critical, yet kind, criticism.

We also have the privilege to work with level designers, artists, programmers, and the other departments to make Cascadia the best we can.

While I have written both main story quests and side quests, I cannot share them at this time as the project is still in development.