For the last two years I have worked on Fallout: Cascadia as a Narrative and Level Designer. This project is my biggest to date and I have put countless hours into writing and level design for it.

The ability to write quests in an environment that has set standards like a Style Guide, specific templates for dialogue, and guidelines for existing characters and factions, has been a massive lesson in teamwork and adapting to an existing IP.

Our tasks are assigned via Quire, dialogue writing isdone in Google Sheets, and collaborated on via Discord. We share lore, quest outlines, faction profiles and character profiles through an internal wiki.

We also have the responsibility of editing each others’ writing which exposes everyone to different writing styles and gives even the most practiced writers to learn from their peers.

While I have written both main story quests and side quests, I cannot share them as the project is still in development.

Multiple rewrites, builds, and changes as we build makes creating of this game increasingly difficult, but it is incredibly rewarding to be able to see Cadcadia’s Pacific Wasteland come to life.