Quest Design

These quests were developed for Fallout: Lonestar. This is only a fraction of work that I completed on Fallout: Lonestar which included overarching plot work and editing. While this is a representation of my work, it is a little outdated. This is because my current work on Fallout: Cascadia, beginning in April 2017, is under an informal NDA with the Cascadia Development Team. While Fallout Cascadia is an volunteer mod for Fallout 4, we still take our writing and story very seriously.


This is a story of prewar citizens of the post apocalyptic town of Graveyard. The Player stumbles upon it while exploring the sewers of the city.


Originally pitched by Samantha Wallschlaeger (Star Wars: The old Republic, Guild Wars 2). I was in charge of writing and developing this quest for Fallout: Lonestar.

Blood In Cottonwood Quest PDF

The Assembly Faction

NPC Abel Rosa

NPC Lana Rosa

Blood in Cottonwood